Patti Morrone was born and raised in Long Island. Her first musical
endeavor took place in her church choir, at the age of 11. Feedback
from choir members confirmed that she had a “pure, angelic voice”, which
has not changed over the years.

After putting four children out into the world, she joined a band called, “Sunrock”, performing original and classic, upbeat tunes. In this band, Patti was the lead vocalist, along with three male vocalists, who instilled harmonies into her musical DNA.
Afterwards, she started a duo with the guitar player from this band,
wherein they performed at various coffee houses, creating a name for
themselves. Patti then began a trio called “Three’s Company”. This
trio played at upscale restaurants across Long Island. In between these
projects, she wrote her own original music, and performed these tunes at
venues like the Bitter End, Music from the Hive, and Mu er. Patti
eventually came out with two original CDs entitled, “Myopic Melodies”
and “Merry Christmas from Patti”.

Currently, she is recording more of her original music , including a song written by Joe Rock. (WBAB). Presently, Patti is proud to be performing around town with her son, Tori Morrone, who is a singer/songwriter/guitar player.

God has given Patti a gift and she is happy to be sharing it with others.

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